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What is boiler ? How to use Boiler and types Of Boiler ?

Boiler is a machine that works by converting water into steam, so boiler is also known as steam generator.

The steam from the boiler is used in many places. If we talk about the use of this steam, then it is used in the most power generating station where electricity is generated.Apart from this, steam is needed in many other industries like textile industry, sugar mill, chemical industry etc. So within all these industries you also get to see boilers.

How to Use steam Boiler ?

Steam is used for different jobs everywhere. Let me tell you some main uses, with the help of which you will get an idea.

  • For rotating turbines in power plant.
  •  To heat water.
  •  For air heating in AHU.

What is Definition of Boiler ?

Boiler or Steam Generator is Closed Vessel in which water is converted into steam by the application of heat is provided by the combustion of fuel.The boiler and steam generator is a closed Vessel, in which water is converted into steam using heat provided by fuel combustion.In this, heat energy is generated by burning fuel. With the help of heat energy obtained from burning fuel, we convert water into steam.

How Meny Types of Boiler ?

The boiler is divided in different ways according to its need and design

  • Basedn Tube Container
  • Position of Furnace
  • According to Boiler Position
  • According to the use
  • According to the water and steam circulation
  • According to the Fuel Uses
  • According to the pressure developed
  • Based on fuel combustion system
  • Based on fuel feeding

Tube Contain boilers ?

The boiler is divided into two parts based on the tube used in the boiler.

A) Fire Tube Boiler– In a fire tube boiler, there is fire inside the tube and there is water around the tube, hence it is called fire tube boiler.Fire tube boilers are mostly installed at the place where we need flame pressure steam.

B) Water Tube Boiler– In this boiler, there is water inside the tube, and the rest is fire. Due to which we get more steam from this boiler.

Where we need high pressure steam, we use water tube boiler.

Furnace Boilers ?

A) Externally Fired Boiler – In this type of boiler we give fire outside the furnace to the boiler.Meaning, in this boiler, we keep the fire in a separate section, meaning outside the furnace, that is why we call it externally Fired Boiler.

B) Internally Fired Boiler– This boiler is exactly opposite to the externally Fired Boiler. When we put fire inside the furnace, it produces heat inside it, it is called Internally Fired Boiler.FBC boiler, pfbc boiler Both of these are examples of Internally Fired Boiler, in which it is done inside the fire furnace.

According to Boiler Position ?

In addition, the boiler is also divided according to its position. Boiler position in this means the position of the axis of the boiler shell.In his way the boiler is divided into three parts.

  • Vertical Boiler
  • Horizontal boiler
  • Inclined boiler

How to the use Boiler ?

Stationary Boiler– This boiler is fixed at one place, it cannot change its position. Stationary Boiler includes all the big boilers that are made in the company’s building. we talk about its example, then FBC Boiler, CFBC Boiler, PFBC Boiler are also examples of Stationary Boiler, all these boilers are fixed in one place.

Portable Boiler– A portable boiler is also called a mobile boiler. Marine Boiler is an example of this type of boiler, it is used in boiler water ships.Thus Marine Boiler being in the ship changes its position from one place to another. So the same type of boiler is called Portable Boiler and Mobile Boiler.

How water and steam circulate ?

In addition, the steam and water are circulating inside the boiler, which means that the boiler is also divided.

Natural Circulation Boiler – Inside it all those boilers come, inside which the circulation of water and steam is natural. We never apply any type of force in this boiler. In this boiler steam and water flow up and down naturally.

Forced Circulation Boiler – Also when we take help of a force to bring water and steam from one place to another, it is called Forced Circulation Boiler.You must have seen this process many times, that we are taking help of pump to bring water from one place to another in boiler. Similarly, any boiler in which we apply force to make water and steam flow is called Forced Circulation Boiler.

Forced Circulation Boiler is also divided into two parts.


2.Once through

How to Uses Fuel Boiler ?

The boiler is also divided according to fuel usage. We use Fuel to convert water into steam by generating heat. Different types of fuel are used to generate heat in all boilers, which are as follows.

1.Coal Fired Boiler

2.Oil fired boiler

3.Gas fired boiler

4.Electrically Heated Boiler

5.Nuclear heat boiler

6.Solar Energy boiler

7.Hot waste gases boiler

After this, we also distribute the boiler according to its pressure.

Low Pressure Boiler – If the pressure of this boiler is less than 80bar, we call it Low Pressure Boiler. Many times we call boilers less than 40bar as flame pressure boilers, and boilers from 40 bar to 80 bar are called medium pressure boilers.

High Pressure Boiler– The boiler that has a pressure above 80 bar is called high pressure boiler. The high pressure boiler is divided in two ways.

1. Sub critical Boiler – A boiler whose pressure is between 80bar and 221bar is called Sub critical high pressure boiler.

2. Super Critical Boiler – And the boiler which has a pressure of more than 221bar is called Super Critical high pressure boiler.

Fuel combustion system on Boiler ?

Suspension Combustion Boiler – Suspension boilers include those boilers in which fuel is burnt in the air, where fuel is burned in the middle of the furnace . Example-PF Boiler.

Bed combustion boiler– The boiler in which fuel combustion is used to make combustion on the bed is called Bed combustion boiler.

Bed combustion boilers are Two Types:

1.Chain Gate Stocker Boiler

2. Fluidized Bed Boiler

Based on fuel feeding : The boiler is also distributed according to fuel feeding. Fuel feeding means how we are sending fuel to the boiler. Here we feed fuel in boilers in two ways.

1. Above Bed– When fuel is fed from above the bed, it is called the above bed fuel feeding boiler. Examples- Stoker Bed, CFBC boiler.

2. Under Bed – But if we feed the fuel from under the bed, then it is called Under Bed fuel feeding boiler. Example-AFBC boiler

So this is some of the main types, the way the boiler is divided. By the way, apart from this, we can also divide the boiler in many ways.

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