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Advantages and Disadvantages of Higher Voltage Transmission Line ?

Today we will know the advantages and disadvantages of higher Voltage transmission line . why use high voltage for power transmission ? we are the first to know how much voltage is produced inside our power plant. In India, electricity is  produced within 6.6 KV or 11KV (ie 6600 voltage or 11000 voltage). After that we put a step-up transformer in there. This step-up transformer gives us a low voltage by converting it to a high voltage. And then we send this high voltage with the help of transmission line.
Like – we have added 11000 voltage inside a step-up transformer, now we can increase this voltage according to our requirement. This means that you can take much higher voltage from the transformer.
Now we first know the advantages of giving more voltage to the transmission line.

Advantages of higher voltage transmission line ?

The first benefit of sending more voltage to the transmission line is through the voltage drop.

What is a voltage drop?

We can easily understand this in this way. We sent all the voltage from one place but we are not getting the whole voltage at another place. Meaning that some of our voltages were reduced within the middle, so this is called voltage drop.

Transmission wire cost reduced

Increasing the voltage reduces the cost of building our transmission line. This happens because of this. Because we all know that if we increase the voltage, the current decreases. Similarly, when we send more voltage to the transmission line also, the current of our line decreases. And we all know, the less current we can pass through our wire, the thinner we can use the wire.
In this way we reduce the current by increasing the voltage. Due to which we have to make the transmission line wire thin. And by doing this, we get a substantial reduction in the cost of purchasing wire.

Reduce Power loss

When we send more voltage, it helps reduce many of the losses in our electrical system. And we all know that if the losses are reduced then our electrical efficiency increases. Which is very beneficial for our electrical equipment.

Disadvantages of high Voltage transmission  Line ?

Insulator size increase 

Here we are talking about the insulator which maintains the distance between our electric pole and wire.
as we believe in easy way, for 11000 voltages we have to install a disc. This means that the higher the voltage, the more disk we have to install.

Switch Gear Cost increase

Friends, if we have increased the voltage of our system, then we will have to bring more circuit breakers. And we have to always keep in mind that the higher the voltage breaker or any device, the more sensitive and expensive it is.

Transmission tower height increase

Friends, by increasing the voltage, the third disadvantage is the cost of building the transmission tower.
When we increase the voltage of the transmission line, we also have to increase the size of our electrical tower. Because if we do not do this then our phase to earth will be faulted. Therefore we have to increase the distance of the transmission wire from the ground as the voltage increases. Due to which the cost of our transmission line increases.

Corona loss

Corona loss is the last point and it is very important, you must tell it in electrical interview.
Whenever we increase the voltage, along with this, the corona loss in our transmission line also starts increasing.

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