ExtraclassBattery C10 and C20 meaning and difference ? C10 Battery for Inverter

Battery C10 and C20 meaning and difference ? C10 Battery for Inverter

we will know what it means to write C10 and C20 on battery. c10 vs c20 battery first of all, know that it is not necessary that the battery will be of C10 and C20, the battery can be of any rating. Like – C5, C10, C20, C25 and many more.

Battery C10 and C20 meaning

Apart from this, you should remember the other thing that the value of C written on the battery is not only for the solar battery, it is on all types of batteries. This C indicates the capacity of that battery. If you do not get a C rating written on any battery, then that battery will be either C20. And if you want to find the right one, you can read the book of that battery, you will know from there how much the C value of that battery C10 means C20 – C in this means the capacity of thebattery, and the count written with Cindicates the hour .

Battery capacity explain

Friends, as I have told you many times. All our electrical equipment has a capacity, how much current can we pass through it. For example, you can understand the motor. Such as written in his capacity 10 Ampere on a motor, now that I’m out current more than 10 amperes of the motor, it will worsen. Similarly, how many amperes we can pass inside our battery is shown by the value of C written on the battery.

Battery C10 meaning

If c10 is written on a 150 AH battery. So this means that I can neither charge nor discharge that battery in less than 10 hours.

Example A We have 150AH C10 battery. So we cannot charge this battery more than 15 ampere current, nor can we run more than 15 ampere load on this battery at one time. How to know – how much ampere we will charge and discharge the battery. 

Battery Charging & Discharging Capacity 

For this, first you have to see the AH of your battery, how much AH battery it is. And after that you have to find out its C value.

For example, we find the charging and discharging capacities of a 150AH @ C20 battery .  For this, we have to put part of C (capacity) inside our battery’s AH. So now we are going to put 20 within 150. (150/20 = 7.5) This means that I can neither charge the 150AH @ C20 battery at more than 7.5 amperes , nor can I run more equipment at one time.

Last answer– The C10, C20 value written on the battery indicates the charging and discharging capacity of that battery. That we can add as many amperes as possible.

Battery C10 and C20 meaning and difference ? C10 Battery for Inverter

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